Thursday, 2 April 2015

Mercenary Warjacks

A while back I picked up a metal Nomad heavy warjack, since I liked the model and it was being replaced with a plastic kit I wasn't as keen on. Then I figured there was no point having just one Merc model, so got some more 'jacks, some troops and a warcaster (Magnus the Traitor). I thought the "paint solid colours and cover in brown wash" colour scheme might be a nice change from painting shiny purple armour and endless gems.

Kind of ironically I haven't actually painted the Nomad that got the force started, but I have done some of the other 'jacks:

The Mangler was the test model. I went with a pretty standard dark-green-and-brass colour scheme.
Mercs seem to like strapping cargo right next to lit furnaces. Maybe they don't care about whatever's in those crates.
I went with a similar basing scheme to my Retribution, since there are a few Merc models that cross over between the factions and I wanted them to match. I used grass tufts instead of the fallen leaves.
The Mule, with a mace that's practically in a different time zone to the rest of the model. I could probably still have gotten a decent photo if I wasn't terrible.
Pretty sure that barrel directly underneath the furnace is full of explosive ammo. Really not sure why they put it there.
One of the two Renegades, Magnus' custom arc node/chainsaw/rocket launcher-toting light 'jacks.
Magnus is upkeeping Blur on this 'jack, but only on its head.
The base is built up with greenstuff so the Renegade can stand up straight, unlike the default pose.
The other Renegade. Meant to look like it's charging forward, kind of looks like it's falling over. The spiky cone thing is an Obliterator rocket. Possibly should have painted that a different colour.
Those chainsaws don't actually do that much damage, but at least they look threatening.
Renegades often come in pairs.
Group shot, with the Mule mostly in focus for once. Magnus is still upkeeping Blur on that Renegage.