Sunday, 26 July 2015


A friend gave me Moros, the first Retribution character light myrmidon, as a present. I thought painting him up would be the decent thing to do.

Like his bigger brother Imperatus, this guy is all about the gems and the glow.

Moros is the sneakiest, stealthiest myrmidon, despite being lit up like a Christmas tree. It's either magic or he just blinds anybody looking at him.
Even the mechanical bits under the armour get glow and gems.

He'd probably have a longer reach with his blades if he held them forwards, but this way looks far nastier. Maybe it's why the blades have Grievous Wounds?


  1. Love the painting but what happened to duelling paintbrushes or like many of us is the inspiration lacking?

  2. I started with ten Ghouls, which was a mistake. On the plus side they're almost done, so watch this space.