Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Van Saar Gang

A few photos of a Van Saar gang I painted for a Necromunda campaign. (The campaign actually finished a long time before the models did, but oh well. They're done now.)

The whole gang. I thought I'd try something other than the traditional Van Saar green.

The leadership team. I gave the Leader and Champions bare heads so you could easily pick them out.

The faceless goons. The Gangers and Juve got the masked heads. At least they get sinister glowing eyes.

Some other angles, including a shot of a very unwieldy-looking combi-plasma gun.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes: Belated Update

I have actually been painting things for Duelling Paintbrushes 5: Duel of Kings. I've been kind of neglecting the 'show your progress' bit, though, and by 'neglecting' I mean 'completely ignoring'. Better late than never, though: here's the (paltry) results so far:

Ten whole Ghouls. These felt like they took way longer to paint than they should have. The skin is shaded, but it's not showing up here very well (or it's not done very well, one or both).

Some Wraiths. These were done to match the Spirit Hosts from my old Vampire Counts army, which I'm using as Wraiths in Kings of War.

I painted a few extras. With the six 40mm based Spirit Hosts I already had, plus a couple of actual scythe-toting Wraiths to be leaders, this gives me two regiments of KoW Wraiths.

That's pretty much it so far. I don't like my chances of actually finishing everything, but hey. I am working on some more stuff at the moment, which might get done this month:

The first half of a horde of Werewolves. Cleaning them up was a bit of a chore, and they'll need some greenstuff on the shoulders, but they should be quick to paint.
My in-progress mounted Liche King, who's totally not Zarcharias the Everliving. He got booted off his Zombie Dragon by a much classier-looking Vampire many moons ago, but he's found his niche in KoW: spamming Surge and Bane Chant like they're going out of style.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


A friend gave me Moros, the first Retribution character light myrmidon, as a present. I thought painting him up would be the decent thing to do.

Like his bigger brother Imperatus, this guy is all about the gems and the glow.

Moros is the sneakiest, stealthiest myrmidon, despite being lit up like a Christmas tree. It's either magic or he just blinds anybody looking at him.
Even the mechanical bits under the armour get glow and gems.

He'd probably have a longer reach with his blades if he held them forwards, but this way looks far nastier. Maybe it's why the blades have Grievous Wounds?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Mercenary Warjacks

A while back I picked up a metal Nomad heavy warjack, since I liked the model and it was being replaced with a plastic kit I wasn't as keen on. Then I figured there was no point having just one Merc model, so got some more 'jacks, some troops and a warcaster (Magnus the Traitor). I thought the "paint solid colours and cover in brown wash" colour scheme might be a nice change from painting shiny purple armour and endless gems.

Kind of ironically I haven't actually painted the Nomad that got the force started, but I have done some of the other 'jacks:

The Mangler was the test model. I went with a pretty standard dark-green-and-brass colour scheme.
Mercs seem to like strapping cargo right next to lit furnaces. Maybe they don't care about whatever's in those crates.
I went with a similar basing scheme to my Retribution, since there are a few Merc models that cross over between the factions and I wanted them to match. I used grass tufts instead of the fallen leaves.
The Mule, with a mace that's practically in a different time zone to the rest of the model. I could probably still have gotten a decent photo if I wasn't terrible.
Pretty sure that barrel directly underneath the furnace is full of explosive ammo. Really not sure why they put it there.
One of the two Renegades, Magnus' custom arc node/chainsaw/rocket launcher-toting light 'jacks.
Magnus is upkeeping Blur on this 'jack, but only on its head.
The base is built up with greenstuff so the Renegade can stand up straight, unlike the default pose.
The other Renegade. Meant to look like it's charging forward, kind of looks like it's falling over. The spiky cone thing is an Obliterator rocket. Possibly should have painted that a different colour.
Those chainsaws don't actually do that much damage, but at least they look threatening.
Renegades often come in pairs.
Group shot, with the Mule mostly in focus for once. Magnus is still upkeeping Blur on that Renegage.


I couldn't really have the first thing I posted here not be purple, so here are some photos of Imperatus, the fancy new(-ish) Retribution character myrmidon.

He's got one foot up on a rock because I wanted a more upright pose.

Lots of gems.
Also lots of glow.
A slightly different angle on the glow.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

3D-printed Warmachine Objectives

I got a bit tired of fighting over blank 50mm bases, so I designed and printed some objectives. They're meant to be vaguely Iosan obelisks, which would probably work as Arcane Wonder objectives in SR2015.

The first obelisk. The top was semi-inspired by the roofs of some Iosan buildings in Forces of Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah.

The second obelisk. Exactly the same as the first one, but with a different top (printed separately, so it's easy to vary).

A photo that makes the tops look bigger than they actually are. Also shows that I can't paint marble very well.